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EMC Newsletter July to September 2013

Dear internet users,

The last couple of months were very interesting for the company and we achieved most of the 2012 promises of development. In particular, EMC team worked on the implementation and the follow-up of several projects, such as the electoral picture databank, the partnership agreements with European consortiums and development agencies such as DFID and finally were are preparing in house projects.

EMC will train fourth grade students on the theme “Humanitarian Communication”, that is part of a Master degree “Strategies and positioning”, prepared by one of the most notorious high school of communication in Bordeaux, namely Sup de Pub. In 2012, EMC already had the opportunity to carry out a conference on the theme «The communications strategies within the international organizations and the NGO”

Pictures Data bank

The official launching of the picture Databank was delayed due to technical problems. We overcome the technical issues, the electoral databank is online, some 20 to 30 pictures were uploaded. The user can operate the search engine to find the best suitable pictures classified by electoral theme, continent, year and country. The payment system is operational. However, we are still making some test to improve the interface.

We scheduled launching in October. It will be up to the experts/photographers to get register and upload their images. The theme of the databank remains elections but we added an advertising theme and for exceptional pictures, a specific classification was created for pictures such as the Kibeho events in Rwanda in 1995.

To upload pictures, it is mandatory to get register in the expert’s database. For the authors that wish to publish photos and remain anonymous, the solution we found is the use of a pen name, pictures could be published under a pen name but the payment of the author can be done with his real name.

To improve the databank service it would be very useful for us to send your feedback on the dedicated email address we created

Collaboration with other companies

Elections and Media Consulting revives its collaboration with the Press agency SIPA Press. SIPA Press has been the pictures agents for Alexandre Castanias images specifically those done in Rwanda.
Our team has made contacts with several partners, as for example the urban and outer-urban mobile advertising project. A PR agency is interested to work with us.

See you very soon, either on the site or you can keep in touch by following us on the social network.