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Operational needs differ according to the nature of the project, but usually consist of some level of technical support.

Each phase of the electoral cycle, including voter registration, civic and voter education, Election Day, the counting of votes, and the publication of results follow an operational plan. This plan consists of a series of sub chapters with pre-established deadlines. This document is an essential tool for the EMB to comply with legislation, enforce regulations in view of preventing fraud and ultimately a managerial means to fulfil its mandate.

If the electoral operations are properly managed, the electorate will perceive the EMB as a transparent, democratic and responsible institution. Should the opposite occur however, the institution will lose credibility and the process will be collectively perceived as opaque, flawed and lacking in credibility.

The internal operational plan of electoral observation mission will focus on providing logistical and security support to its electoral observers. The unit entrusted with operations will take into account the report of the previous exploratory mission, which had suggested solutions to the anticipated problems for the observation mission.

With the increased importance of logistic and security, it is essential to plan well in advance the structure and needs of the observation mission.