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Our references

References is what we have done, it is our knowhow, our partners, and our clients, institutions that trusted us with whom we have worked and will continue to work with. References are our achievements.

Elections and Media Consulting has a longstanding experience that started in early nineties.
Our team worked with the OSCE, the European Commission, IFES, UNDP, IREX and Counterpart with USAID funding, ICON, DFID, UNOPS and United Nations.
As Election and Media Consulting, we won tenders with IREX/Counterpart, UNOPS, DFID, and ICON.
We have been working side by side with our partners “I Consulting” and “Entrez Sans Frapper”. I-Consulting is an company specialized in web design, web mastering, graphic design while Entrez sans Frapper does graphic design but also prepares and implements communication campaigns, institutional and street marketing projects,

  •  DRC - Training on media analysis and media monitoring - EU funded project - 11 2013
  •  France - Training on Humanitarian communication for a Master - Sup de Pub - 10 2013
  •  France - Training on International organisations communication - Sup de Pub - 11 2012
  •  Kenya- Media monitoring project focusing on climate change. 08 to 11 2011 UNOPS
  •  Chad - Training on commmunication strategies IREX 03 2011
  •  Rwanda - Civil society election obervation project - DFID - 08-2010
  •  Afghanistan ICON EUEAT 2010