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Photo DataBank

The picture databank project

The idea is simple, many consultants, observers and electoral actors had one day the impulse to take a photo with electoral content. "Electioneers" have stocks of electoral images, which remains unexploited because there is no database, which centralizes the images.
Ultimately, the pictures are published copyright free. Moreover, the photographic credits are often not even mentioned.

Elections & Media Consulting had a simple idea. Why not uploading the pictures putting them on the market on our website and offer on-line electoral quality illustrations, which today remain unexploited.

Elections & Media Consulting proposes to future collaborators a fair cooperation between the authors and EMC. The on-line photos are not copyrights free. A French Law contract establishes the contractual relations between EMC and the author gets payment with his copyright.

Then buyers, media, institutions, universities, can find a variety of electoral photos to illustrate reports, publications, and articles. They have a contractual engagement with EMC and buy online the rights to use the databank content and can download the pictures.

This is how the authors are being paid.