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PR & Public outreach

Without media and public outreach campaign, an election is not possible: their incidence is considerable and must be taken into account.

Mass media play an essential role in an electoral cycle. The printed press, the audiovisual and electronic media play an important role in the public information campaign of the Electoral Management Body (EMB), by disseminating essential knowledge for the electorate such as why to vote, voting procedures, and the rights and obligations of the electorate.

Governments, Civil society and political parties, in order to promote their programs, ideas, and achievements will also use the media, as a communication tool. In traditional societies, information is also disseminated by more traditional means such as the storytellers, street theatres, militant songs and the village cinema. This diversity in communication channels is an important aspect of the electoral process and taken into account by EMC.

A society is not considered democratic simply because of the fact that it has ‘held’ elections. Even if it is accepted that the election of political leaders constitutes a major step towards democratic participation, the indication that an elected body is democratically established passes by the holding of regular meetings between the government, elected officials, the media, political parties, civil society and the population during but also outside electoral operational periods.