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Les experts d'EM Consulting

Consultant at EM Consulting

worked in election monitoring and election expertise since 1996
co-founder of Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE)

worked as a consultant with EU/ UNDO/ NDI/ Carter Center & ANDE (Arab Network for Democratic Elections)

worked in Lebanon; Sudan; Yemen; Egypt; Tunisia; Iraq;Jordan; Libya & Ghana

Spécialité Orthoptiste

Nathalie Castanias est spécialisée dans la dyspraxie,

Reporter photographe et vidéo, réalisateur, indépendant

Ludovic Weyland,

Reporter photographe et vidéo, réalisateur, indépendant
book urls online : (Liens à consulter sur le net)

UNICEF France (depuis 2012)

Consultant at EM Consulting
Consultant at EM Consulting

17 years professional experience, through long-term and short-term assignments, as Media Practitioner (Journalist for print and broadcasting media and Trainer for Journalists), as well as Media Analyst and Advisor for EU Election Observation Mission (EU EOMs), EU Election Follow up Mission (EU EFMs) and EU Election Technical Assistance (EC FWC).

SPECIALIST: Public Information, Communications, Social Media

Trilingual international professional with extensive experience in generating and strengthening positive image of organisations. Involvement in major campaigns and initiatives within highly-competitive sectors and post-conflict environments.

Field Support Coordinator, Electoral Division, MONUSCO, Democratic Rep


Family name : Dickinson
First names : Marc
Date of birth : 23/03/1972
Nationality : British / French

Education :

Institution :
University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), UK

Date: from (month/year) to (month/year) :
09/1995 to 09/1996

Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained :
Masters: General Diplomatic Practice and International Studies

Institution :
University of Kent, UK


Domaine de compétence :
La Communication

Je travaille en free-lance à Paris au sein du collectif Entrez Sans Frapper dont je suis la fondatrice.
BOOK EN LIGNE = voir pages PAGE references : collectivites publiques et insitutionnelles

Consultant at EM Consulting