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EMC Newsletter February to April 2014

News in spring 2014

The Elections media Photo-Bank project consists in putting on-line and commercialise electoral theme pictures. The Elections Media Photo-Bank project takes longer time to take off du also to some constraints with the level of the bandwidth.

To recall the principles, electoral experts own the pictures. These are either amateur photographer or experienced/professional, hold a stock of electoral clichés that they can upload on the EMC site. Elections and Media Consulting manages the picture library and the marketing, if there is any sales, the photographer is paid in copyright.

The launch of the Picture library took place on 27th of January 2014. We need more images in the photo-bank. We invite you to upload your best pictures. However, before that you need to get register in the database, except if you are already register. If you want, you can check the content by clicking on the link of http:

Elections Media Photo-Bank is a registered trademark

The High School Sup de Pub , wishes to renew our collaboration for 2014-2015. EMC is will again contribute to the common-core syllabus of the Master's degree "Brands Strategies”. Our theme remains Humanitarian Communication. Sup de Pub and the students found it very proficient and we are very pleased.

Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) participated in the project by proposing a case study. The students were very creative and MSF posted on their Facebook account the proposals.

For the coming months, we are working on other training projects more linked with media analysis and civil society and media observation.